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Seoul Survival Guide 🙇‍♀️

Here are some things that you need to know about the house that are very important!

Weather ☁️

First off, since the building is in a older neighborhood, and there are cold and hot seasons we need to talk about how to manage the houses temperature.

Winter Months: During December - February you need to keep this in mind in order to not have any problems and not have any extra charges happen!

They are very simple steps so don't worry :)

The Heating system:

The heating system in Korea for most houses has floor heating also known as 'own-dol' and because of Korea's freezing temperatures if not maintained correctly the pipes can freeze which will be a costly expense and leave your house with no heat!

  • Please keep the heater on at all times and don't turn it off. DON'T TURN OFF THE HEATER.

  • There will be knobs that you can move to change the temperature but ideally 20-23 is a good range.

Here is a link to check out the descriptions of how to manage your heating system:

Here is a video for more information on heating in Korea:


Freezing pipes

To prevent this, anytime the weather goes under 0 degrees Celsius (this will generally happen at night)

Mandatory: When temperatures start getting to the point of freezing then you need to make sure that the sinks in the house (Kitchen AND Bathroom) stay on at night and be turned on to warm water - keep the water dripping so that the pipes dont freeze.

Summer months: It gets very hot so you will not need to use the floor heating system and only need to use the hot water.

In order to use the Aircon its pretty self explanatory so please send me a message if you need any help.


The Gas Stove 🔥

You need to turn the gas knob located near the gas stove on and off which you can do but rotating it left and right. Then gas will come and you can turn the gas stove on and make some food.

  • Just when you are done cooking, turn the gas knob the opposite way so you dont let out any gas.

The Trash and recycling 🗑️

Korea has an organized approach when it comes to separating trash but all you need to worry about during your stay is separating food waste and all other trash.

  • There are white bags that you will use to throw away regular trash (tissue, bottles, candy wrappers, etc..)

  • The FOOOD waste trash is a yellow trash bag.

  • BUT to avoid any bugs coming up or any unwanted smells I put the food waste in my freezer! When the bag gets full you throw it away outside in the orange bin - there is no schedule for the food waste and this can be disposed at any time











The location where you throw away your trash is just outside of the main entrance of the apartment usually and I will let you know if there is a scheduled pickup time that you can put the trash outside.


If you run out of these bags, you can go to the GS25 mart which is right next door and say "eee ship keeelow sooo dae Gi bong too jooo say yoo" - this means give me a 20 Liter white trash bag please~

For food waste bags you say the same thing but you just add "ooom sheeek" - means food

"Ooom sheeek sooo dae Gi bong too jooo say yoo"

  • Then you gotta say how many you want and since you are in Korea, this will be your homework to figure out the Korean number system and let the man know how many bags you want!


Washing Machine

All you gotta do is put your clothes in there and then put some detergent in the little port then turn the knob once and press start. Should take about an hour.

Depending on the house, cold washes are generally the standard for cleaning clothes but if you need a warm wash then I suggest using a coin laundry or please contact me!

There is no dryer available so there is a dry rack available in the house.










Dehumidifier & Mold Prevention

Turn on the dehumidifier after showering and while you are drying clothes to prevent mold please!

If you do not have a dehumidifier and you are noticing mold build up please contact me ASAP.


General Appliances

The Airfryer - is pretty self explanatory, just put some food in there, hook up the airfryer and twist the knob to your liking on how you wanna set the timer and heat..

Herbs and Spices - These are all yours to use

Refrigerator- As this is a shared living space please communicate with your roommates about using the fridge space.

Wifi- if there is any problems with the wifi just turn it all off and wait 2-3 minutes and turn it back on.

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