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Currently not available

Individual room prices based on room size, please contact directly to see if individual rooms are open

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Main Location

HBC, Seoul, South Korea


July 23, 2024

Property Description

Welcome to your new home in Haebangchon – where convenience meets comfort in a compact yet charming space. 🏡

✨ House Details:

For the whole house
Deposit one month rent
Utilities included

Location: Haebangchon

🏡 Your Quaint 3-Bedroom Abode: 🛌🛌🛌
Nestled on the first floor, this gem offers a prime location that's easy to access. 🚶‍♂️ It's not too far up the hill, making your daily errands a breeze. Step inside to discover a thoughtful layout:

Large Room: Spacious and well-equipped with 3-4 closets, a queen bed, a desk, and the all-important AC unit for Seoul's changing seasons. 🛏️👚💼❄️
Small Rooms (2): Each room features a comfy twin-sized bed, a closet, and a compact desk. Perfect for your personal haven! 🛌📚
🏠 Amenities That Make It Home:

Fully furnished, so you can move in hassle-free. 🛋️🪑
Enjoy uninterrupted connections with high-speed internet. 🌐
Utilities are thoughtfully included, with a threshold for gas and electric (variable costs). 🚰🔌
Embrace the coziness and simplicity of this small yet lovely home, where everything you need is within reach.

Contact us today to secure your spot!

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