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Finding Your Home in Seoul: A Personal Journey and Solution

Lil Homie

May 29, 2024

Finding Your Home in Seoul: A Personal Journey and Solution

When I first moved to Seoul, my experience finding a stable place to live was anything but smooth. Hopping from one Airbnb to another, I struggled to find a place that felt like home. The challenges were numerous and often overwhelming.

The Challenges of Renting in Seoul

Navigating the real estate market in Seoul as a foreigner is no easy feat. Here are some of the major obstacles I faced:

High Deposits and High Rent

Renting an apartment in Seoul typically requires a hefty deposit, known as "jeonse" or "key money," which can range from 10 to 20 times the monthly rent. This large upfront cost can be a significant barrier for many internationals. On top of that, monthly rents can be quite high, especially in prime areas, making it financially challenging to secure comfortable housing in Seoul.

Real Estate Agents Refusing to Serve Foreigners

Many real estate agents in Seoul are hesitant or outright refuse to work with foreigners due to language barriers and unfamiliarity with foreign tenant requirements. This discrimination limits the options available to internationals and adds an extra layer of difficulty to the housing search in Korea.

Requires an Alien Registration Card to Sign a Contract

To legally sign a rental contract in Seoul, you need an Alien Registration Card (ARC). Obtaining an ARC can take several weeks, leaving new arrivals in a bind as they cannot secure permanent housing immediately. This delay forces many to rely on temporary accommodations, adding to the stress of relocation.

Difficult to Find a Good Location

Finding an apartment in a desirable location that offers convenience, safety, and accessibility can be challenging. Popular areas near universities or business districts are often in high demand, leading to fierce competition and inflated prices. For those unfamiliar with the city, determining the best neighborhoods for housing in Seoul can be a daunting task.

Shared Homies: An 'All-in-one' Solution

At Shared Homies, we offer a solution that addresses these challenges, providing a seamless living experience for internationals in Seoul. Here’s how we stand out:

Immigration Registration

We provide the original contract between the landlord and us, which you can submit to the immigration office when registering your address. This simplifies the process of obtaining your Alien Registration Card and ensures your stay is legally compliant from the start.

Airport Pickup and Drop-Off Services

For a small fee, we offer airport pickup and drop-off services. We’ll greet you at the airport, help with your luggage, and take you directly to your new home. No need for translation apps or struggling with directions—just a smooth transition from arrival to settling in.

Tenant Protection Policies

Our houses operate under a set of policies designed to protect both the tenants and the property. These policies ensure a harmonious living environment and provide clear guidelines on living arrangements, responsibilities, and community rules.


From our first meeting, we prioritize transparency. We answer all questions about the house, existing tenants, and contracts to ensure you feel safe and informed. Our goal is to make you comfortable with your decision to join the Shared Homies community.

Why Choose Shared Homies?

Choosing Shared Homies means choosing convenience, community, and comfort. Our fully furnished apartments come equipped with all the essentials—from modern appliances to cozy furniture—making your move-in process effortless.

(Shared Homies House: MUAK 4 | Blue Dream)

Located in central Seoul, our properties offer easy access to public transportation, shopping, dining, and entertainment, ensuring you’re never far from the action.

Moreover, our comprehensive tenant screening process fosters a secure and friendly environment where residents can form lasting friendships and support each other throughout their stay. At Shared Homies, we turn the often stressful experience of moving to a new country into an opportunity for connection and growth. Also check out our Google reviews from past tenants that have lived at our houses!

Moving to a new country can be challenging, but finding a comfortable and reliable place to live shouldn’t add to that stress. If you’re looking for premium, hassle-free accommodation in Seoul, visit our website at for more information and availability.

Join our community and experience the best of Seoul living with Shared Homies!

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